Cyrus the Great Cylinder:

استوانه کورش بزرگ

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Video: Cyrus the Great event, November 3, 2012

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ترانه ای با نام « سرنگونی » با صدای عباس حیدری


Environmental Issues          بحران محیط زیست در ایران

Dubious actions of the Islamic republic have caused catastrophic environmental problems in Iran. For example, the wonderful Lake Orumieh in northwest Iran has been seriously damaged, and now only 5 percent of the water remains.

Lake Orumieh was one of the largest salt lakes in the world, measuring 90 miles long and about 35 miles wide, making it slightly larger than Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Major rivers near Isfahan, and Ahvaz, have gone dry, as has Hamoun Lake. Dust from the dry riverbeds has added to already dangerously high air pollution levels in Iran, home to four of the 10 most polluted cities in the world, according to the United Nations.

 Lake Orumieh:

دریاچه ارومیه

این دریاچه در خطر خشک شدن کامل قراردارد

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