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Iranian Solidarity Congress TV program. August 17, 2014

برنامه تلویزیونی کنگره همبستگی ایرانیان

Dr. Assdollah Nasre-Esfahani, Dr. Nosrat Vahedi, Col. Behrooz Sarshar

دکتر نصرت واحدی، سرکار سرهنگ بهروز سرشار و دکتر اسداله نصر اصفهانی

Topic: Iranian Democracy Front Conference

This program was broadcast by satellite and internet to Iran, Europe, America and other countries on August 17, 2014.


Iranian Solidarity Congress TV program. August 10, 2014

برنامه تلویزیونی کنگره همبستگی ایرانیان

Dr. Assdollah Nasre-Esfahani and Dr. Nosrat Vahedi, Dr. Akbar Torbat Esfahani

Topic: Iranian Democracy Front Conference

This program was broadcast by satellite and internet to Iran, Europe, America and other countries on August 10, 2014.




Iranian Solidarity Congress TV program. August 3, 2014

برنامه تلویزیونی کنگره همبستگی ایرانیان

Dr. Assdollah Nasre-Esfahani and Dr. Reza Taghizadeh

دکتر رضا تقی زاده و دکتر اسداله نصراصفهانی

This program was broadcast by satellite and internet to Iran, Europe, America and other countries on August 3, 2014.


Iranian Democracy Front Conference. July 28, 2014

کنفرانس جبهه همآهنگ مبارزان ایران

Conference Topic:           Human Rights Violations in Iran

When:                  Monday, July 28, 2014

Where:                 Washington, D.C.


IDF Conference video. July 28, 2014

PDF File: IDF Conference Press Release


Dr. Assadollah Nasre Esfahani

Assadollah Nasre Esfahani 1

Dr. Assdollah Nasre Esfahani is the spokesman of the Iranian Democracy Front. He was Iran’s Minister of the Interior, Governor of Fars Province, and Governor of Kerman Province. He was a professor at Tehran University, where he taught economic planning and macroeconomics.

Dr. Reza Taghizadeh

Reza Taghizadeh 1

Dr. Reza Taghizadeh is an adviser of the Iranian Democracy Front. He is an international consultant for energy companies. He is a contributor to several news programs, and he is a political analyst specializing in Middle East issues. He obtained a PhD in international relations from the University of Glasgow. 

Dr. Nosrat Vahedi

Nosrat Vahedi 1

Dr. Nosrat Vahedi is an adviser of the Iranian Solidarity Congress (ISC is a member of the Iranian Democracy Front). He was a professor at Munich University, Germany. He also taught at Tehran University. He is the founder of Pars College in Tehran, Iran and Dean of its Physics Department. Dr. Vahedi is a physicist and mathematician. 

Dr. Akbar Torbat Esfahani

Akbar Torbat Esfahani 1 

Dr. Akbar Torbat Esfahani earned a Master of Science degree from Tehran Polytechnic (Amir Kabir University of Technology), a second Master of Science degree in industrial engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, a Master of Arts degree and a Ph.D. in Political Economy from the University of Texas at Dallas. His field of specialization is international political economy. He has taught at the University of California – Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, and several campuses of California State University. At present he teaches at California State University, Los Angeles.  

The Honorable Bijan R. Kian

Bijan Kian 1

Hon. Kian is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of GreenZone Systems, an advanced technology firm based in Washington DC. He has also served as a Senior Advisor to Gallup since 2011. Mr. Kian was a member of the board of directors and Chairman of The Audit Committee of the Export Import Bank of The United States and a member of the White House Business Council. He was appointed as a Senior Fellow for Global Public Policy at the United States Naval Postgraduate School. He served in that position from June 2011 to July 2013 where he focused on broad based interdisciplinary research informed education programs investigating the interaction of globalization and the United States national security, in support of the United States National Security Strategy, the National Defense Strategy, the National Strategy for Homeland Defense, and the Navy’s Maritime Strategy. 

Mr. Kian is a former director of foreign investment for the State of California where he led the attraction, retention and expansion of California’s $92 billion in foreign investment from 1995 to 1997. He also served twice as Commissioner of Economic Development for the State of California from 1993 to 1995 and a member of the Board of Directors of California’s Housing Finance Agency in 1999.

With over four decades of service in public and private sectors as well as academia, Mr. Kian is a 2009 recipient of Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Mr. Kian is a graduate of the University of Brighton in Sussex England, and has continued his education in epistemology and philosophy at Oxford as well as national and international security at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.  



“Iran Modern” exhibition at Asia Society in New York

Iran Modern

September 6, 2013 to January 5, 2014

Asia Society

725 Park Avenue

 New York, NY 10021

“Invaluable … Stimulating”

— New York Times

Iran Modern is the first major museum exhibition mounted with loans from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East to focus on Iran’s dynamic modern art scene. The exhibition spans the three decades prior to the 1979 Revolution, a period of great economic, political, and societal change in the country. By the mid-1970s Tehran, its capital city, had become an important cosmopolitan destination. Artists found new patronage especially from the government for exhibitions and festivals, such as the annual Shiraz Arts Festival, and the creation of new museums such as the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, which was actively acquiring both Iranian and international art for its collection.

The exhibition is organized thematically across two floors to highlight the broad range of styles developed during this productive period. It is not a comprehensive overview but instead the works in the exhibition serve as key examples of the pluralism and innovative spirit of the time. The exhibition begins on the second floor by introducing artists associated with the Saqqakhaneh movement, the first culturally specific modernist group of note whose works were influenced as much by Shi’ite folk art, as by pre-Islamic art and international formal strategies. The exhibition also includes sections focusing on Abstraction, Calligraphy, and Politics. Within each section, monographic highlights will allow select artists’ work to be seen in greater depth. On the third floor a timeline and a selection of ephemera from the period provide greater context for the works on view.

Through the presentation of over one hundred works by 26 artists, the exhibition chronicles the conversation between tradition and modernity and puts forward the idea of modernism as a globally interconnected phenomenon. Iran Modern illuminates an overlooked time of artistic creation that continues to resonate with contemporary artists working both inside and outside Iran.

The guest co-curators of this exhibition are Fereshteh Daftari and Layla S. Diba.

untitled 1977 work in glass by Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian 26_-Monir-3

Calligraphy & Modernism

The art of calligraphy has a history of thousands of years in Iran and is one of the most important creative expressions of Iranian culture. Iranian calligraphers have been renowned for their skill in both angular and cursive script styles. Legible text was often used to communicate meaning but abstracted letters could also refer to religious symbols or signs. During the 1960s and 1970s Iranian artists successfully created an indigenous modern visual language by combining local writing styles with techniques and forms adopted and adapted from European modern art. The works featured in this section illustrate the striking and varied results of this cross-cultural experimentation.

Some artists identified with the Saqqakhaneh movement such as Faramarz Pilaram were not trained calligraphers and used stylized letters and words with other abstract forms to structure their compositions. Pilaram’s works of the early 1960s use a visual language similar to Charles Hossein Zenderoudi’s, while his later works focus exclusively on the aesthetic possibilities of script to create semi-abstract works.

Others, such as those of the Naqqashi Khat movement who were classically trained calligraphers who exclusively used text in their works, although the large scale compositions and oil on canvas technique differentiated their work from traditional calligraphy. Textual sources included celebrated Persian poets such as Hafez and Rumi or Qur’anic texts. Mohammad Ehsai’s work is characterized by flat forms composed of pure color and large-scale rhythmic compositions referencing mashq calligraphic exercises. Reza Mafi’s works encompass calligraphic compositions with encoded political messages; trompe l’oeil compositions referencing sixteenth-century manuscript folios; and shaped canvases inspired by colorful Persian tilework.




Cyrus the Great celebration Nov 2, 2013 London جشن روز کوروش بزرگ در لندن شنبه 2 نوامبر 2013



دعوت برای برگزاری جشن روز کوروش بزرگ در لندن

شنبه 2 نوامبر 2013

روز و هنگام برگزاری:
11 آبان 2572 یا (1392 خورشیدی ) 2 نوامبر 2013 ترسائی از ساعت 6:30 تا 9:30 شب
 روز کوروش بزرگ رور7 آبان میباشد اما بخاطر نعطیل نبودن روز 7 آبان و شرکت هر چه بیشتر شما عزیزان این جشن در 4 روز بعد از آن یعنی 11 آبان یا 2 نوامبر برگزار میشود
کتابخانه کنزینگتون در شهر لندن         Kensington Library, Phillimore Walk, LONDON W8 7RX
 بانو ژاله دفتریان  انجمن پارسی گویان ، تیتر سخنرانی: آنچه که از کوروش بزرگ یک ابر مرد ساخت
دوشیزه ترگل مهران محقق و مشاورحقوق بشر (جمعیت خرد پیشه گان ریشه ای ایران)، تیتر سخنرانی: کوروش بزرگ و حقوق بشر
دکتر خسرو خزاعی پرديس (کانون اروپايی برای آموزش جهان بينی زرتشت)، تیتر سخنرانی: کورش بزرگ از امپراتوری جهانی تا پيامبری در انجيل
دوشیزه دینا زیاری استاد دانشگاه، انجمن معماری (آرشیتکت) بریتانیا، (جمعیت خرد پیشه گان ریشه ای ایران) تیتر سخنرانی: پاسارگاد: خرابه باستانی, رخشاره امروزی   Pasargadae: Ancient ruin, Modern icon (به زبان انگلیسی in English)
کدبان پیمان زنوسی وکیل و حقوقدان، تیتر سخنرانی: کوروش بزرگ و یک پارچگی ایران
ورودیه رایگان.
در پایان برنامه، شما را به نوشيدن چای و قهوه، و همچنين خوردن شیرینی و میوه ميهمان خواهيم کرد.
برای اطلاعات بیشتر با کدبان آرش 07932776289 یا تارنمای WWW.AWTI.ORG تماس بگیرید


PDF File نوشته بانو ژاله دفتریان : کورش بزرگ



Protest in London. 19 Oct 2013 تظاهرات جلوی بی بی سی پارسی در لندن

تظاهرات جلوی بی بی سی پارسی در لندن

اعتراض و درخواست پوزش رسمی از بی بی سی بریتانیا بخاطر جعلی خواندن کشور ایران بوسیله قسمت بی بی سی پارسی اش

شنبه 19 اکتبر 2013 از 3 تا 6 نیمروز


BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

نزدیکترین قطار زیر زمینی Oxford Circus

برای اطلاعات بیشتر با کدبان آرش 07932776289 تماس بگیرید

جمعیت خرد پیشه گان ریشه ای ایران

Iranian Democracy Front conference, May 24, 2013

Iranian Democracy Front had a conference about Elections and Future of Iran, on May 24, 2013. Members of the IDF traveled from Europe, Canada and several cities in the United States to participate in this conference in Washington. IDF’s guests also participated in the conference, and news reports of the conference were broadcast by satellite television programs to Iran, America, Europe, and other countries. Video of the IDF conference is available:

Video: Iranian Democracy Front conference, May 24, 2013